Hangzhou Huaguang Advanced Welding Materials Co., Ltd

About Us
Hangzhou Huaguang Advanced Welding Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995. For the past 20 years,Website:http://www.chinabraze-en.com, it has been dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of all series of brazing materials, and it has been a professional enterprise that can provide total solutions to the welding problems. HUAGUANG mainly manufactures a series of high-performance filler metals such as copper-based brazing filler metals, silver brazing filler metals and etc. With more than 500 varieties and up to 5,000 specifications. The products are suitable for the linkage between homogeneous metals, heterogeneous metals, composite materials, metal and ceramics. They are widely applied to the brazing in refrigeration industry, household appliances, electrical machinery, energy industry, power industry, information technology, aviation communications, chemical industry, oil drilling, geological prospecting, building materials, rail transportation, automobile industry, instrument and meter, sporting equipment, plumbing system, spectacles production, paper making, cutting tools, hardware tools and many other fields. In recent years, the new environment-friendly filler metals HUAGUANG produces have received the approval and acceptance of its customers. Its products conform to the requirement of RoHS. By helping its customers reduce the cost and create more value, HUAGUANG has established a win-win relationship with them. With its products sold around the world, it has been a strategic partner with the enterprises of Global Top 500.
Products and services
Brazing Alloy, mid-temperature brazing alloy, medium temperature solder, copper-phosphorus Brazing Filler Metals, Silver filler metalsm, Vacuum brazing filler metals